Below are some common questions. Additional information about the rec basketball program can be found at the
Parks & Rec website.

Q: What days are the K-2 clinics?

A: For 2023-24, the majority of the clinics for kindergartners, first-graders and second-graders are on Sundays between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. A couple of clinics are on Saturday afternoons. Check the Parks & Rec website for details.

Q: What days are the practices and games for Grades 3-8?

A: For the 2023-24 season, all teams in Grades 3-8 will play games on Saturday afternoons. The practice schedule -- subject to change based on gym availability, the number of players and coaches that sign up, and other factors -- is as follows.

Grade 3-4 boys teams will practice on Friday nights.

Boys teams in Grades 5-8 will practice on Thursday nights.

All girls teams will practice on Wednesday nights.


Q: My child cannot practice on the day his grade was assigned. Can we request a different practice day?

A: No. We set the practice days in advance in part so that parents can plan their schedule and so that we can be sure there will be enough gym availability. These days are set and only will change if an unavoidable conflict arises -- such as if we end up with more teams than anticipated and cannot get enough gym space on a given night.

Q: How are the Grade 3-8 teams formed?

A: Coaches submit player evaluations at the end of every season. Those evaluations are used when we form teams for the new season, attempting to create balance throughout the grade. Roster alterations may be made by league organizers during the season if deemed necessary.

Q: Can I request that my child play with a friend or carpool buddy?

A: No, we cannot accept requests, as it would make it too difficult to organize balanced teams.

Q: Can my child play travel basketball as well as rec?

A: Absolutely. The two leagues work together to ensure that they do not have practices or games at the same time.

Q: Are there rules about playing time?

A: Yes. The coaches are required to use a chart that ensures every player close to equal playing time. Teams make substitutions at set times in every game -- at the midpoint and end of each quarter.

Q: Where can I see the game rules?

A: The rules are available at the HBA website on the
rec schedule page.

Q: Does my child need a uniform?

A: All players in Grades 3-8 must have a reversible green and white jersey. Information on how to order one is available at the
Parks & Rec website. Clinic participants (Grades K-2) will receive a free T-shirt.

Q: Are there any requirements of parents?

A: Parents are required to inform their team’s coach if their child will be absent from or late to a practice or game, and pick up their child promptly when their practice or game is over. Parents are required to be respectful and courteous toward the volunteer coaches at all times, and avoid coaching from the stands. Disrespectful behavior -- including negative comments or unsportsmanlike actions toward players, coaches, game officials, league organizers or other fans -- will not be tolerated from parents, players or coaches. Violators could be subject to suspension from the program.

Rec basketball

Rosters, practice schedules and game schedules for the 2023-24 season (Grades 3-8) are now available BY CLICKING HERE.

Rec (in-town) basketball is a program that is supervised by the Hopkinton Parks & Recreation Department. It is open to boys and girls in Grades K-12. Grade K-2 have weekly clinics, while Grades 3-12 have leagues, with one practice and one game per week.

The Grade K-2 clinics start the first Sunday in December and run until just before February vacation. The Grade 3-8 leagues start the week of Nov. 27, and the season ends just before February vacation.

For more details and registration information, visit the Parks & Rec website.

High school students interested in coaching and/or refereeing can fill out an application here. Parents interested in coaching should indicate their interest during the registration process.