Parent expectations


All parents are required to either work the HBA concessions table for two one-hour shifts (for each child in the program) at the Tap-Off Tournament or purchase a concessions waiver for $30. You can sign up for the waiver during online registration or via our website here. That money will be donated to local charitable organizations (such as Hopkinton Relay for Life) via student volunteers who fill these shifts.​ Parents also may be asked to run the scoreclock during games at the Tap-Off Tournament or during the regular season. Scoreclock shifts will be handled on a volunteer basis.


Parents and players are to avoid making any negative/inflammatory statements about any coaches, teammates, opponents, officials, etc. on social media. Violators are subject to suspension or even removal from the program with no refund.


The HBA would like the travel basketball experience to be a positive and rewarding one for all participants, including family and friends of the players. Parents are welcome to support the players with encouragement and positive reinforcement. Sideline coaching and negative comments -- toward players, coaches, officials and other fans -- will not be tolerated.

Those who misbehave and/or negatively affect the experience for others will be warned, and continued offenses could result in suspension from games and even dismissal from the program.

If you are unclear on the difference between sideline coaching and encouragement, here are some links that will help explain it:

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As per HBA rules you agree to at registration, players are only allowed two absences from games and/or three absences from practices during the season -- for reasons other than illness, injury, scholastic conflicts, emergencies or other commitments pre-approved by the coach -- before they are subject to discipline, which could include reduced playing time or, in severe cases, dismissal from the program.

If your child will miss a practice or game, you are required to notify the coach in advance so they have time to plan accordingly. Failure to notify the coach could result in discipline, including reduced playing time at the next game.


Parents and players are expected to show respect toward the HBA's volunteer coaches. If you should have a question or an issue with something your child's coach does, you should calmly and respectfully attempt to address it with them -- and not immediately after a game, when emotions can run high. If you feel the need to address it further, you can contact the HBA board. Parents also are given the opportunity at the end of the season via the HBA parent survey to comment on their child's coaching experience.


All parents should check our concussion awareness page, which includes links to further information from the CDC on how to spot and treat concussions.