UNIFORMS — Players on a team must wear jerseys of the same or similar color.

GAME TIME — Games are 10 minutes long — running time for the first 9 minutes, stop time for the last minute. Substitutions are allowed on any dead-ball situations. Each team gets one 30-second timeout, and the clock is stopped at the official's discretion for an injury or other issue.

SHOT CLOCK — In the final minute, there will be a 20-second shot clock. There is no shot clock for the first 9 minutes.

STARTING THE GAME — For the preliminary round (non-playoffs), there will be a coin flip to determine which team starts with the ball. Jump balls result in alternating possession. For the playoffs, the higher-seeded team starts with the ball.

STARTING POSSESSIONS — The ball starts at the top, outside the 3-point line, and must be checked to the opposing player and then passed to a teammate. The on-ball defensive player cannot step on or outside the arc to defend the initial inbounds pass. The other defensive players can guard outside the arc but cannot guard the player making the initial inbounds pass. After every change of possession (defensive rebound, steal, etc.) the ball — which remains live — must be cleared anywhere outside the 3-point arc before the team in possession can shoot. Scoring a basket after failing to clear the ball results in a turnover.

SCORING/FOULS — Baskets are worth 2 points inside the arc and 3 points outside the arc. After a basket, the team that scored goes on defense. If a player is fouled while shooting inside the arc and misses, they get one free throw for 1 point, and their team keeps possession of the ball whether or not they make it. If they make the field goal, they do not get a free throw. If a player is fouled shooting a 3-pointer, they get two free throws and they keep possession.

On the seventh team foul, it's a one-and-one — the player who was fouled shoots and gets a second free throw if they make the first. If they miss either one, it's a live ball. If they make both, the opposing team then takes the ball out. On the 10th team foul, the person who was fouled shoots two free throws, with the second one live. If they make the second, the opposing team takes the ball out.

There is no limit on individual fouls.

Any fouls deemed intentional or flagrant will result in an automatic point and the team that was fouled keeps possession of the ball. Anyone committing a flagrant foul is ejected from the game. A technical foul also results in an automatic point for the other team. A player is ejected if they are assessed two technicals in a game.

BEHAVIOR — Tournament organizers have the right to remove a player (or spectator) from the tournament at any time if the player is acting in a reckless, undisciplined or disrespectful manner. Berating or humiliating anyone — opponents, referees, organizers — will not be tolerated.

FREE THROWS — Players in Grades 3-4 are allowed to take one step in to shoot a free throw, but they cannot rebound the ball if they do. Players in Grades 5-6 must start behind the free throw line but will not be called for a violation if they jump over it. All other divisions must stay behind the line until the ball hits the rim.

PLAYOFF SEEDING — After the preliminary round, teams will be seeded by record. First tiebreaker is head-to-head. Second tiebreaker is point differential, although there is a maximum of 10 per game. Next tiebreaker is coin flip.

OVERTIME — If a preliminary round game is tied at the end of 10 minutes, there will be a 1-minute stop-time overtime, using the same rules as described above, with alternating possession determining which team starts with the ball. If the game remains tied after the overtime, the game will result in a tie.

If a playoff game is tied after 10 minutes, there will be a 1-minute stop-time overtime, using the same rules as described above, with alternating possession determining which team starts with the ball. If the game remains tied after the OT period, the teams will go to a foul shoot-off. Three players from each team will shoot one free throw each (the lower-seeded team shoots first), and whichever team makes more free throws wins. If it remains tied after three free throws, the higher-seeded team will shoot first and it will go round by round, meaning whenever a player on one team makes it and the other misses, the game is over. Every player on each roster must shoot and stay in the same order. Game officials may decide to move from free throws to 3-pointers at any time.

ORGANIZERS’ AUTHORITY — Tournament organizers have the power to make all decisions on points not specifically covered in the above rules and have the authority to interpret the intent and purpose of these rules.

Korbey 3v3 rules 2024

The address for Hopkinton High School is 90 Hayden Rowe Street, Hopkinton, MA 01748. It is advised that all players park at the high school, as every team makes the playoffs and will end their day there. The middle school gyms are a very short walk from the high school.