The HBA 4K Shot Challenge, sponsored by the Hopkinton Independent, is a new monthly event we are starting for HBA players as well as Hopkinton Rec basketball players in Grades 3-8, boys and girls. Participants are challenged to make a total of 4,000 shots in the month. That's an average of about 130 made shots per day. Shots must be taken from a variety of locations — layups (both right and left), free throws, jumpers from all over the court — and should be taken at game speed — i.e. dribbling quickly to different spots, shooting on the move, mixing in shot fakes, driving strong to the basket — and with good form. Only made baskets count, not attempts.

If your child is interested in participating in the May challenge, submit the form below by May 1. Players must keep a log of their shooting workouts — exactly how many shots they make each day — and email the updated totals at the end of each week. Players who successfully complete the challenge by making 4,000 shots in the month will receive a T-shirt and also be included in a raffle for a gift certificate to an area businesses. Players are limited to one T-shirt -- if a player earns a shirt for April, they are welcome to participate again in May but they will not receive a second T-shirt, although they will be entered into the raffle.

Additionally, the HBA and the Hopkinton Independent will combine to donate $20 to Project Just Because for every player who makes 4,000 shots

Note that public basketball courts are closed, so you need to either have a hoop in your driveway or have access to someone else’s where you can shoot while maintaining proper social distancing.

There is no fee to participate, but the program is restricted to HBA players and Hopkinton Rec players in Grades 3-8.

Click here for the page where you will enter results for your child's weekly totals (the player must first be registered).


HBA 4K Shot Challenge