Abuse prevention policy acknowledgment

​​​​Policies and Procedures
Statement of Acknowledgment and Agreement

I have received and read a copy of the HBA’s Safety Policies and Procedures
Manual and understand the importance of the matters set forth within the manual. I agree to follow and abide by these guidelines during my service with the HBA.

Further, I understand that the manual may be modified at any time, and that any guideline may be amended, revised, or eliminated at any time by the HBA.

I acknowledge that I have reviewed and agree to fulfill the duties listed in my position description. While, ideally, I will serve in this position for the full term specified in the position description, I understand that I am serving as a volunteer and that I may choose to end this service at any time. (If possible, I agree to provide two weeks’ notice to my supervisor).

I further acknowledge and understand that the materials and guidelines contained in this policy statement in no way express or imply a contractual employment relationship between the HBA and me. If I am applying as a volunteer, I acknowledge and agree that I will receive no compensation for the hours I work.

Finally, I understand that it is my responsibility to review new guidelines that are created and distributed, as well as manual guidelines that are changed or deleted.

By printing my name in the box below and hitting submit, I hereby acknowledge receipt of this policies and procedures manual.