HBA skills competition 2017

The third annual HBA skills competition was held on March 12 at Brown Gym. Participants competed in four events: free throws, 3-pointers, a variety shootout and a timed defensive drill.

Winners and runners-up (some of whom are pictured here) included:

Tim Tourigny

Lauren Cho

Charlotte Cann

Caitlyn Dempsey

Brooke Dougherty

Kiki Fossbender

Melanie Gildea

Carly Hedstrom

Will Davies

Nate Kasper

Liam Keohane

Scott Pagliuca

Nick Paharik

Caleb Rahaim

Kyler Spar

Rowan Gould

Braden Hicks

Ryan Hicks

Zach Hyman

Evan Mirazimi

Andrew Peters

Camryn August

Elena Davies

Caroline Kane

Bella Resteghini

Cooper Fossbender

Connor Cho

Derek Hatheley

Sam Pantera

Christian Pereira

Finley Mick