Regular-season schedules for 2018-19 have been released and can be found at the Metrowest Basketball League website.

A few notes heading into the season:

1. The season starts Dec. 2 and runs every Sunday (except Dec. 30) until the final regular-season games on Feb. 25. Then every team makes the playoffs, and those could run as late as March 10, depending on how well your team does. Games that are scheduled for Dec. 23 are likely to be rescheduled, although some teams might elect to play that day. Also note that there could be an occasional Saturday game -- some towns don't have enough availability on Sundays.

2. If you know your child is going to miss a game, let your coach know as soon as possible so they can plan accordingly. Don't forget the HBA's participation/commitment policy regarding unexcused absences.

3. If a player wants to wear an undershirt beneath their uniform, by rule it must match the color of the jersey. Hopkinton teams wear white at home and usually green on the road (although the home team can elect to wear dark), so plan accordingly. Have your child bring both a white and green undershirt to every game just in case.

4. Coaches are instructed to have every player play at least 40 percent of every game (except in cases of injuries, foul trouble or behavioral/attendance issues). For teams with 11 players, the minimum is 35 percent. If there are fewer than 10 players at a game, the minimum increases slightly.

5. Players, coaches and fans are expected to demonstrate proper behavior at all games. Metrowest has a no-tolerance rule and will not allow fans to yell at or be rude to officials, players, coaches or other fans. Make sure anyone you bring to a game is aware of this rule. Also, do not coach your child from the stands -- just cheer for them in a positive manner. Let the coach do their job without interference from the stands, and without hearing negative comments. If you have an issue you'd like to address with your coach, do it privately and respectfully, and not right after a game. Make sure you understand all the parent expectations.

6. Do your part to make the season enjoyable for your child and everyone involved with the team and program. Get your child to games and practices on time and prepared to work hard and have fun. Focus on the positives with your child and encourage them to bring energy and enthusiasm to every game and practice.

Enjoy the season!

Metrowest League regular season 2018-19